Windows 8: Program finding made easy

Are you exhausted from looking through your computer to find programs that you need urgently? Then you will be pleased to learn how easy it is to Find Programs in Windows 8!

Search the Start Screen to find Programs in Windows 8

Some people use Explorer’s search function to find previously used programs. Now Windows 8 makes it easier, by allowing access through their Start Screen.

  • Launch the Start Screen.
  • Start typing the first few letters of the program you are searching for, Windows 8 automatically opens the 1 Search function.
  • As you type, the 2 search results are dynamically displayed below the search box.
  • If the program is among the results; open it by clicking on it.
  • If you want to cancel the search, simply press the “Escape” key.
  • Alternatively, you can also find all of the programs as an overview in the Apps page, which are accessible by clicking on the bottom left arrow of the Start Screen.

Programs vs. Apps

If you do not know the difference between programs and apps that we have briefly discussed in our Help on Start Screen, here is a simple explanation. Theoretically, there are differences, because apps were introduced by Microsoft recently in Windows 8, and programs have been around for a much longer time, but they have not been clearly differentiated. Generally one can use either word as a synonym to the other. Therefore if you find that the new “Apps” are confusing, you won’t go wrong by simply considering them programs as well.

Using the new convenient functions

Everyone can now Find Programs in Windows 8 thanks to the simple search function of the Start Screen!Just type what you are looking for, and Windows 8 provides you with the right results. Do you need more help with Windows 8? Use this handy App from the Windows Store DarWin8 and test it for free!

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