Why setup a home network in Windows 8?

To network computers together provide coordination and productive cooperation at home, and especially in the workplace. Now the process to setup a home network in Windows 8  is easier than ever.

What you need to set up a home network in Windows 8

Make sure that you are connected to a private network before you try to set up a Homegroup. To determine in which type of network your computer is located, go to the Control Panel and select the Network and Sharing Center, select “View your active networks”. If your network is listed as Private, you can proceed with the instructions below. Otherwise, use the Windows Help  to set up a home network in Windows 8

 How to Set up a home network in Windows 8

  • Open the Charms bar with “Windows + C” keyboard shortcut.
  • Select the option 1 “Settings”.
  • Scroll to “Change PC Settings”.
  • Select “Network” from the list on the left.
  • Go to the “Homegroup”.
  • Click 2 “Create”.
  • You can now choose which data you want to share on the network.
  • Below you will find the password, with which you can grant access to others. Now that you have created a home group, you can share data quickly and easily.

Windows 8 simplifies the work to set up a Homegroup and a home network.

Setting up a home network with Windows 8 is just the basic requirement to create a Homegroup. This allows you to freely exchange data with others, provided they reside in the same home network as you. Even if it seems complicated at first glance, once created you can use the home network to easily share files. If you or colleagues encounter any issues regarding the transition to Windows 8, allow DarWin8 to help. Try the free trial version and make the most out of this helpful assistant!

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