Why Capture screen shots in Windows 8?

Screen shots can be a useful tool, for example, to document something, or if you want to print something. We explain how to  Capture screen shots in Windows 8, and how to locate them after.

How to Capture Screen Shots in Windows 8?

  • Enter “Windows + Print” keys on your keyboard to take a screen shot of your current screen. There is a Print Screen also available on most keyboards, likely located on the right side of your keyboard and displays “PrtScn”.
  • To find the saved screen shot, open the Explorer using the short cut “Windows”+ E”.
  • Click on the “Pictures” folder, then into subfolder “Screen Shots”.
  • There you will find 1 all screen shots. They are usually numbered, if it is confusing, simply rename the files.

Now you can edit your screen shot, print it, or save it elsewhere.

Windows 8: Sharing Screen shots

In Windows 8, you have the ability to share content easily, such as screen shots, so you may them share directly with colleagues, friends and family. Go to the new Charms Bar (Short cut “Windows + C”) and select “Share”. A detailed guide is available in the above video. Sharing allows you to skip the process of making the screenshot, composing a mail and then attaching the screenshot to that mail.

A few clicks to the desired result

Thanks to the various combinations of the “Windows” button located at the bottom left of your keyboard; you can quickly and easily navigate through Windows 8, making it easy to use features like screen shots. These practical functions make Windows 8’s use even more comfortable.
If you still have questions on Capturing Screen Shots in Windows 8, DarWin8 App can help you! This serves as a great transition from earlier versions of Windows to Windows 8. Convince yourself now with the free trial version!

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