Using the excel zoom function


You are working in a spreadsheet and feel that it would be much more comfortable if numbers were displayed a little larger on your screen. Excel 2010 offers a zoom function, with which you can easily enlarge the view on your monitor. You can also have just a part of your spreadsheet displayed larger. This learning module “ excel zoom  function”will show you how to do this.


The Zoom slider is located in the Status bar in the lower right hand corner of the windowyou can find the excel zoom.

Click and hold the left mouse-button and drag the slider to the desired zoom factor. This way, you can quickly adjust the zoom for your spreadsheet to between 10% and 500%. Alternatively, you can also click on the plus  or minus button to zoom in or out. The zoom slider is always available, regardless of which tab is activated.

In the excel Zoom group in the View tab you will find other ways of adjusting the size of your monitor view to suit your needs.

When you click on thebutton, the Zoom dialog box opens. Here, you can choose between several predefined zoom factors or enter your own user-defined zoom. Confirm your selection by clicking OK.

In the excel Zoom group you will also find the 100% button.

Clicking on this button will reset the zoom factor to 100 percent.

The Zoom to Selection (Freeze Pane) button causes the currently selected cells of a worksheet to fill out the entire window. This allows you to concentrate on a certain range of cells in the worksheet.


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