Uninstall software in Windows 8 that you don’t need anymore.

In order to free space you should remove old and no longer used programs from your computer. That’s no problem, you can use a familiar function in order to uninstall software from Windows 8 .

How to uninstall software from Windows 8

  • Begin by opening the Control Panel.
  • Click on “Programs” then on “uninstall programs”
  • A 1 list of installed programs of existing programs will appear
  • Select what you want to uninstall.
  • Click 2 “Uninstall”.
  • Windows will now delete this program and associated files from the hard drive.

We recommend you Create a backup before you begin the uninstall process as a safety precaution, in case you uninstall the wrong program by mistake.

Uninstall software manually

With the above method, you can delete all installed programs. Other files, such as images or text documents do not fall into this category. These must be deleted manually. Use the Windows Explorer for such files. Although you could also delete programs manually, the method above is quick, accurate, and gives you the option to obtain personal data and settings (depending on the program). Do you want to delete all data from your computer? Simply Reset your PC ; it is fast and sets computer to original factory settings.

Uninstalling  Windows 8 software

Basically software in Windows 8 can be uninstalled almost the same way like previous operating versions, the manual on uninstallation has not changed. Just pay close attention to selecting the right uninstallation option for optimal results. The handy app DarWin8 found in the Windows Store is a helpful solution for all your Windows 8 questions. Test the free trial version now!

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