The Windows 8 Startup is frustration free

If you have installed programs that you already run at every system startup, then you could use the Windows 8 Startup  settings to choose which programs to start automatically after logging in. We recommend optimizing these startup options to save a little time when beginning your PC work whether personal or business.

Why auto starts on Windows 8 make sense.

Many users have one or more programs that they use constantly. You can set such programs in Windows 8 Startup and save yourself frequent, manual starts. Once this option is customized you will not have to wait as much. After waiting for the computer to boot, then waiting for the computer log in, you can save yourself the last step and just automate it.

How to use the Windows 8 Startup

  • Press the “Windows” + “E” keys to open the Explorer.
  • Click the empty 1 address bar area.
  • Type “Shell: Startup” and Press “Enter” to display the Startup folder.
  • Now drag a shortcut of the desired app/program in the Startup folder.
  • Windows will now automatically start the desired programs when you start up your computer.

The convenience of the Windows 8 Startup

Even if it does not seem like it at first glance: The Windows 8 Startup saves you a lot of time over the years. Your experience on the computer is somewhat rounded, and this makes the use more enjoyable. Cutting small unneeded corners proves beneficial and the DarWin8, app will help you zoom in to the small details of Windows 8 functions. Try the free trial version now!

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