The Start Screen in Windows 8 and its useful features

Although some users are missing the traditional Start Menu of Windows; the new  Start Screen in Windows 8  is not only practical, but also offers new sensible features. We explain how the Start Screen works with its features such as the tiles and apps.

The New Windows Apps

What were once known as the normal programs, are now partly the new apps. You’ll find them all on the Start Screen, which can be launched by clicking on their corresponding “tiles”. However, there are programs that can still be accessed using the old methods like the Desktop or Start Menu. If you want a program not found in the apps, then maybe it’s on the desktop. You can also add new apps or remove old apps from the Start Screen.

Important Apps and different functions

Here is an overview of different types of apps and what you need to know:

  • 1 Live Apps: These apps will show their contents directly on the tile, such as the current temperature of a weather tile or short messages on a note tile.
  • 2 Apps page: When you mouse over the bottom left arrow it will open an overview of all installed apps.
  • 3 Username: At the top right you will see your user name you are logged in under. There you can also log out, or change your profile picture and other account settings.
  • 4 Desktop: the familiar desktop is still available and can be accessed by clicking the Desktop tile.


Innovation through the Start Screen in Windows 8

The new Windows 8 Start Screen and the associated apps are an absolute highlight of this operating system. We understand it doesn’t feel as familiar, however once the basics are understood it is worth it! Would you like more help with your new operating system? Try DarWin8 ! Find the app in the Windows Store and try the free trial version now!

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