The excel MID function



You are developing a list of products that your company sells. Already included in the list are article codes and article groups. Now you want to add a column for the sales regions. The sales-region code appears in the 3rd and 4th positions of each article code. To complete the Sales Region column, you would like to use an Excel function to read just those two characters from each article code and insert them in the corresponding sales-region cell.

In this learning module, you will be shown how to use Excel’s MID function to read any number of characters from a text entry and insert them in a cell of their own.



You can use the excel MID function to read any number of characters from any position of a plain-text value.
This excel MID function requires three arguments:

  1. - A reference to the cell containing the text.
  2. - The position of the first character you want to read.
  3. - The number of characters to be read.

In the current example, click in the first cell in which the function’s result should appear, here cell C4.Then start the Function Wizard by clicking the  button next to the formula bar. From the Text category, select the excel MID function. Click OK. Then enter the Text argument by clicking once on cell A4. This identifies the article code from which you wish to read characters. In the Start_num argument, specify the first character you want to read. In the example, that would be the third position. Therefore enter a 3 (as shown below). Since you want to read two characters, enter a 2 in Num_chars argument field.


Now finish by clicking OK. The result of the function appears immediately in C4. You can now use AutoFill to copy the function down into all other sales-region cells.

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