The Control Panel in Windows 8 is stress free!

The Control Panel is – not only for experienced users – it is an important and useful tool which gives you an overview of many different settings. We will help you find the Windows 8 Control Panel easily.

What is the Control Panel in Windows 8?

In the Windows 8 Control Panel you get an overview of many useful system settings and tools. Among other things, you can change the Power Options, Create Backup, Uninstall Programs, set up your home network, and your printers. These are just examples of how important the Control Panel is, when optimizing your computer settings.

How do I open the Control Panel in Windows 8?

  • Press the “Windows” key on your keyboard to reach the Start Screen.
  • Click the bottom left arrow, or use the short cut “Ctrl + Tab”, to open the Apps page.
  • Now scroll to the 1 “Windows System”
  • Click 2 “Control Panel”
  • Open the 3 Control Panel on your Desktop, and apply your desired settings.

 Maintain your settings within the Control Panel

As you probably already know from earlier versions of Windows, the Control Panel is indispensable, and quick access always makes the maintenance process easier. We hope this was helpful. If you need more help with Windows 8, take a look at the DarWin8 app in the Windows Store.  Start your free trial now and see how easy the transition to Windows 8 is!

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