Excel print:Printing Excel workbooks

Excel print:Printing Excel workbooks


You prepared your table or list for printing and would now like to start printing .

In this learning object “ Excel print”, you will find out how to print Excel workbooks.


To start printing, click the File Tab   and then the Print option.

The excel Print dialog box will open.

Here you can choose which of the installed printers you want to use. Use the arrow button next to the name under Printer to reveal all installed printers. Click the one you wish to use.

Use the Properties button to make further settings to your printer. These settings vary, depending on which printer you are using.

Under settings, you can specify whether you want to print a part of the table or the entire table. If you have marked a section of your table, activate the Print Selection option to print only that section of the table. You can use the Print Entire Workbook option to declare that all pages should be printed. If Print Active Sheets is activated, the currently activated table page(es) will be printed. If a worksheet has a defined print area, Excel prints only that area. If, for the current printout, you don’t want to print only the defined print areas, activate the Ignore print area option.

You can also choose to print a range of pages, in accord to what you enter here.

If you’ve specified multiple copies, the Collated option lets you specify how multiple pages should be printed – Collated: one entire document then the next copy of the entire document -or- Uncollated: all page 1′s together, then page 2′s, and so on.

In the Copies area, you can specify how many copies you would like to print.

To start printing, click the large excel Print button.