Secure Your Computer with the Windows 8 Lock Screen option

Do you want to leave your computer or laptop shortly without having to shut down Windows ? Then you should use the Windows 8 lock screen option.

What does the Windows 8 lock screen option do?

To activate the lock screen use “Windows + L” keyboard shortcut your data is protected and your PC can not be accessed without the correct password. In contrast to User logoff  the lock screen function, keeps all processes running normally, without closing programs and possibly losing data. This is a very quick and easy way to protect your computer when leaving it for a short time period, after entering the password; you can instantly carry on where they left off.

Customize the Windows 8 lock screen option

If you do not like the default lock screen, personalize it with photographs.

  • Open the Charms bar using “Windows + C” shortcut
  • Then click on “Settings”, then “PC Settings”.
  • Click “Lock Screen”.
  • Do you want a 1 Windows picture as wallpaper for the locked screen?  Click on the thumbnail of the desired image to set.
  • For your own images, select the option 2, “Browse”, and then select an image.
  • If you want to display the new Windows 8 pictures then you activate the slider 3 “Play Slideshow on the lock screen” and add 4 further settings if needed.

The next time you activate your lock screen you will see the changes you made.

Safety and aesthetics of the Windows 8 lock screen

The lock screen will not only protect you and your computer from intruders, it can be customized according to your preferences, which allows a personal creative touch on your devices. For more tips and tricks about Windows 8, take a look at the DarWin8 app in the Windows Store. Simply select the free trial version and start now!

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