Protect your files and create a backup in Windows 8

It is troublesome and irritating in the rare cases that Windows has startup problems. If it fails to load, and a reinstallation of Windows 8 is necessary, all files will be lost indefinitely. To prevent this from happening, you should backup your data regularly.

Creating backup in Windows 8

  • Open the Control Panel, for easy instructions please use Guide to Finding the Control Panel 
  • Select “System and Security”
  • Click on “File History”. You can now choose from the following options
  • Do you want to store all your data? Then simply select option 1 “System Image Backup”. This is the easiest way to create backup on Windows 8
  • Do you want to back up only certain data or folders, and then you have 3 options. First is to secure a drive. Click 2 “Select Drive”, and save the drives of your choice.
  • The next option is 3 “Exclude Folders”, select specific folders that you do NOT want to secure.
  • The last option is the 4 “Advanced Settings” where you can manually select data to be backed.
  • Finally, click on 5 “Turn on”, and your data will be backed up.


Restore Backed up data in Windows 8

If you have created a Windows 8 backup before, you can restore the saved data at any time:

  • Select the file version history (see above) 1 “Restore your files” to restore specific files.
  • Select to restore the entire system, select 2 “Restore”.

You have now restored your files, and can continue to work as usual.

Feel Secure: create a backup in Windows 8

We all protect what is important to us. Important or sensitive information on your computer is no exception. Protect yourself against data loss, with a backup. If you are looking for more troubleshooting tips for Windows 8, then find the useful app  DarWin8 in the Windows Store, it offers practical tutorials. Make everything easier and try the free trial version now!

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