How you can open Explorer in Windows 8 easily

Sometimes you need to search beyond the computers face, like the Start Screen and the desktop, and dive into, let’s call it “Behind the Scenes” of the thousands of existing files. Explorer can help you achieve this. For this you need Explorer. We explain how to Open Explorer in Windows 8 and use it to easily find things in your computer.

Why do you need to open Explorer in Windows 8?

In many cases the desktop and the Start Screen will serve your everyday needs, however if you need to search for a forgotten file’s location, Explorer can help.  In order to find something “behind the scenes” you must search the hard drive for the content you need. Keep in mind that the existing files and folders can be moved to different location within your hard drive to make it easier to find them again later.

How can you open Explorer in Windows 8?

You can practically open Explorer from anywhere.

  • Reach your Explorer from the Taskbar; just right click your mouse over the Menu’s start button, and select the 1 “Explorer” option.
  • If you are on the start screen simply click the 2 “Explorer” tile. If you do not find the icon on your Start Screen simply, click on the on the arrow located in the bottom left, and locate it in the Apps page.
  • Tip: If you use Explorer frequently, then pin it to the Taskbar. You may also use a short cut during anytime by clicking “Windows + E” on your keyboard.

These options will open the Explorer in a new window for you.

Open Explorer in Windows 8 to search your computer

In order to find something on the computer, you do not need to shuffle through your Start Screen Desktop, and Programs. Instead call upon Explorer once, the chances are good that you will find what you are looking for faster.

If you’re looking for support when transitioning to Windows 8, we recommend the DarWin8 app from the Windows Store. Just try the free trial version and discover all that Windows 8 has to offer!

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