How to easily shut down Windows 8

Under a new operating system, you may need to learn simple tasks all over again. Fortunately, it is easy to shut down Windows 8 , and it can be resolved quickly.

Shut down Windows 8 without User Log Off

To turn off your PC you will need the Charms Bar, before you shut down the computer please make sure your data is saved correctly to avoid any loss. Then follow the following steps:

  • Open the Charms bar “Windows + C”
  • Click 1 “Settings”
  • Press 2 “On / Off” button
  • Click on 3 “Shutdown”

Your computer will now shut down. While it is a bit different from previous versions of Windows, it is similar and fast.

Shut down Windows 8, alternatively

There are other ways to shut down Windows 8. However, the above explained is the fastest. An alternate and slower way would be to logoff , then shut down Windows. So if you are already logged out, you can also shut down Windows without logging in again.

Support Let from Apps

Shutting down Windows 8 is easy once you know what to do. It is similar with many other problems on Windows 8, find the DarWin8 app in the Windows Store, which presents solutions to your conversion problems and includes professional videos. Start using the free trial version now!

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