How to add a printer in Windows 8

You have probably had to install a printer at least once before one previous Windows versions, it was a manual and stressful process with somewhat confusing steps.  Today, the answer to “Who can  add a printer?” to Windows 8?  Is Windows 8! The system practically does everything on its own!

Add printer in Windows 8: Step by Step

Follow these instructions to install a printer:

  • Open the Charms bar using “Windows + C” shortcut.
  • Click 1 “Settings”.
  • Click on “PC Settings”.
  • Select “PC and devices” in menu.
  • Click on “Devices”.
  • Then click “Add device” 2.
  • You will receive an overview of all the devices that you can install; your printer should appear among the options. Select it.
  • Finally, click the “Start” button to complete the process
  • Windows 8 will now guide you to the Start Screen.



This installation guide works for tablets as well. In our video, you can get a visual and thorough example on how to use touch operated devices.

Windows 8 makes it easy for you to install a printer.

Forget the complicated printer installation, which often resulted in lengthy troubleshooting and aggravation. With the new Windows 8, you can leave the installation to the operating software itself. If you have any problems with your Windows 8 transition, then we recommend this helpful app,  DarWin8 .It will tell you everything you should know about your new Windows 8. Try the free trial version today.

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