Find the On-Screen Keyboard in Windows 8 and its use

If you use a tablet with Windows 8, then you have probably already seen the on-screen keyboard and noticed that it is missing some features. We explain how to open the on-screen keyboard in Windows 8.

 To use the on-screen keyboard in Windows 8

You can only use your on-screen keyboard if you own a touchscreen device that runs Windows 8. With a touch screen device, the keyboard will appear at any time the user clicks a field that requires text. Let’s use the  Windows Explorer function as an example, or any search engine on an internet browser. The keyboards appearance is thus text sensitive and when it is not needed it is out of sight. Should you need the keyboard, you may open it by tapping on the appropriate icon at the bottom right of the tablets “desktop”.

How to open the on-screen keyboard in Windows 8 touchpad tablet

By default, the screen keyboard of Windows 8 is reduced, and keys like “Alt” will not appear. Follow the instructions to change your keyboard’s settings and appearance.
Swipe from the right edge of the screen inward to open the Charms Bar.

  • Tap 1 “Settings”.
  • Select “Change PC Settings “.
  • Tap the category “PC and Devices.”
  • Open the component area “Enter”.
  • Swipe the screen upward to scroll down.
  • Tap 2 “Add Standard Keyboard Layout as on-screen keyboard option” to enable
  • Using the Windows button on your device, go back to the Start Screen.
  • Now open the keyboard, and select the 3 button at bottom left.
  • Lastly select 4 second button from the left.
  • You now have access to your own personal keyboard.

Recovered functionality

Often you do not need the “Alt” and “F1-12″ buttons, so they are hidden by default in the on-screen keyboard in Windows 8, this is an easy tutorial that accesses the full keyboard functionality just in case. If you have any problems with Windows 8, on your Tablet, Notebook, or PC – the handy app DarWin8 helps explain everything in detail. Go to the Windows Store and try out a free trial version of DarWin8 now!

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