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Excel undo and redo:YOUR OBJECTIVE

While you were on the phone, you accidentally knocked the keyboard with your elbow when reaching for a document. As a result, the worksheet now contains a few characters that were not intended. You now want to undo these error entries in cell D5.

In this learning module “Excel undo and redo” you will learn how to undo or redo an action.


Every action that you make in Excel can be undone or redone up until you close the document or up until you last saved it. To do this, use the relevant buttons in the Quick Access Toolbar.

Click excel Undoto go back one step. One step refers to each individual command that you have executed in the workbook.


You can also press [Ctrl]+[Z] to undo an action.


As long as you have not left the modified cell, you can discard changes by pressing [Esc]. The original content of the cell is then restored.

Every action that you have undone can be redone. Use the Redo button for this, which you will find next to excel Undo . However, this button is only visible when you have undone at least one action. If you have executed another command in the workbook after undoing an action, the Redobutton disappears again.


You can decide how many actions you want to undo or redo by using the arrow next to the excel Undo and Redobuttons.

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