Excel text: Horizontal and vertical alignment


You want to change the alignment of cell contents in your Excel worksheet. By default, Excel aligns text to the left, numbers to the right, and both to the bottom of their cells. Right now, you want to align your cells’ contents both horizontally and vertically, in accord with your own preferences.

In this learning module”EXCEL TEXT”, you will discover how to align cell contents horizontally and/or vertically.



First, select the cells you want to align.


To specify the alignment, you will be using buttons on the Home tab, in the Alignment group


The buttons affect alignment as shown in the next illustration:


The button that corresponds to the current alignment of a selected cell is highlighted in yellow. The horizontal and vertical alignment buttons work like on/off switches. The first time you click the Center button, for example, the selected cell’s contents will be center aligned; if you click the Center button a second time, the cell’s contents will be reset to the standard alignment (text to the left, numbers to the right) and the yellow highlighting will disappear. This works similarly for the vertical direction.

For example, if you click the Middle Align and Center buttons…


…the cell contents will be centered vertically and horizontally. If you click the Center button a second time, the standard horizontal alignment will be restored. Click Middle Align a second time, and the Bottom Align button (default) will be reactivated (highlighted).



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