Excel sparklines: Inserting and deleting sparklines

Excel sparklines: YOUR OBJECTIVE
You have created a revenue statistic. To make the trend of the revenue development over the course of period a little clearer, you can insert a small graphic depiction of this development next to the numbers. However, you do not want to create a chart for this purpose. Excel offers sparklines for such cases. This learning module will show you how to insert sparklines.

Excel sparklines: HOW DOES IT WORK?
Excel sparklines:Inserting Sparklines
To insert sparklines, select the data you want to analyze graphically. Then go to the Insert tab and click the button in the Sparklines group.

The following dialog box opens:

Verify if the selected data range is correct.

Specify the position where you want to insert the sparklines, e.g. the F4:F7 range. You can also select the range in the table with your mouse.

Confirm your entries in the dialog box by clicking the OK button. Excel then inserts the sparklines:

Excel sparklines: HINT

If you select the range where you want to insert the sparklines with your mouse, Excel automatically creates absolute cell references, e.g. $F$4:$F$7. In this case, though, they are equivalent to relative references, e.g. F4:F7. So you may use both kinds in the same way.

Excel sparklines: HINT 

Aside from the  button, the  and  buttons are also available in the sparklines group.
The  button visualizes the progression with bars instead of lines:

The  button correctly indicates positive and negative values:

Excel sparklines: Modifying the data range

If you want to modify the data range at a later stage, because a new row has been added, for instance, go to the Sparkline Tools tab (they will appear when you click in a cell that contains a sparkline) and click the arrow of the Edit Data button in the sparkline group. Then select the Edit Group Location & Data… command.

Excel sparklines: HINT

You can also just click the upper part of the button:

This opens the Edit Sparklines dialog box. Specify the new data source cell range (Data Range) and the sparklines (Location Range) and then click the OK button. You can also select these ranges with your mouse.

Excel sparklines: Deleting Sparklines

If you want to delete sparklines, select the cell or the range where the sparklines are located. Then go to the Design tab of the Sparkline Tools and click the arrow of the Clear button in the Group group.

The following drop-down menu opens:

Click this option to clear the sparklines from a single cell only.

Click this option to delete all sparklines, i.e. the sparkline group.

Excel sparklines: HINT

Click the left part of the button instead of the arrow of the Clear button to execute the Clear Selected Sparklines command.

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