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You created a list of your business’s orders and would now like to print it. To attain optimal results, you must first set up the page . Because you want to keep the printout in a loose-leaf binder, you must first set your page’s margins . In this learning object “Excel: Set margins”, you will find out how to set the margins for printing an Excel file.

Excel set margins:HOW DOES IT WORK?

When you’re ready to print out an Excel document, you can use the Print Preview to get an impression of how your document will look when it is printed. To access the Print Preview , click the File tab . From the several commands in the left-hand section, click Print.

A number of print options and the print command appear in the middle section of the display, while on the right-hand side of the display, the so-called Backstage view, the Print Preview appears.


Using theand  buttons, you can browse through the document you are previewing.

As you can see in the illustration, the left-hand margin is rather narrow. This is a problem because you will later want to punch holes in the printed list to store it in a loose-leaf binder. That’s the reason you now want to change the side margins.

To set up the excel margins in accord with your wishes, switch to the Page Layout tab.


Then click on the excel Margins button in the Page Setup group.


A selection menu will open. Although you could now select one of the pre-defined formats, none of those correspond to the settings you want. To set the side margins individually, you should now click on Custom Margins…

The Page Setup dialog window will open.


Click the excel Margins tab. You can now set the margins however you like.

If want to check the effect your new settings will have on the printout, click the Print Preview button in the Page Setup dialog box. (If you go to Print Preview, your custom margin settings will be applied.)

If satisfied with your settings, click OK to apply your settings and close the dialog box.

Should you again click the excel Margins button in the Page Setup group of the Page Layout tab, your Last Custom Setting will be displayed as one of the possible choices. This is convenient if you want to reapply your custom settings to this or other Excel Books.


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