Excel: Select from list – Changing the font and font size

Excel select from list:YOUR OBJECTIVE

You are creating a Word file and you want to change the font as well as the font size.


In this learning module “excel select from list”  you will learn how to change the font and the font size .


Excel select from list: HOW DOES IT WORK?

To change the font and/or the font size, you first need to select the text passage you want to change.

The selected text will be displayed on a blue background. Go to the Home tab. You will find the Font drop-down list in the Font group. 
The font currently in use is shown here, Times New Roman, for instance. If you click the arrow of the drop-down list, all the available fonts will be displayed. Select the font of your choice. The selected text will now be formatted in this font.


Excel select from list: HINT(1)

When you move the mouse over a font type in the drop-down list, the selected text will appear in this font in the document (live preview). This allows you to conveniently, and without applying constant changes, try out the different fonts.

Excel select from list:HINT (2)

Fonts you recently used are displayed in the Recently Used Fonts section of the Font drop-down list. Here you will find up to ten of the fonts most recently used. 

To change the font size, select the relevant text as before.

Excel select from list: HINT(3)

If you already selected the text to change the font, it will continue to be highlighted. So there is no need to select it again to change the font size.

Click on the arrow of the Font Size drop-down list in the Font group. Then select the font size of your choice. You can also move the cursor over the different font sizes here to get a preview of how they would appear in the document.


Excel select from list: HINT(4)

The font size unit is the point, and is abbreviated to pt. One point is approximately 0.35 mm. The font size 11 is thus described as 11 pt .

Excel select from list: HINT (5)

Should you want to set a font size that does not appear on the drop-down list, font size 13 for instance, you can type the size directly into the drop-down list. To do this, click on the current font size. The size is now selected and you can enter the new size using your keyboard.


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