Excel save as function:Opening an existing workbook and saving it under a different name

Excel save as function: YOUR OBJECTIVE

You want to edit an existing Excel file. First, you have to open the relevant workbook. After you have finished editing you want to save the workbook as a new file. You have to save the workbook under a different name to do this.

This learning module “Excel save as” will show you how to do this.

Excel save as function: HOW DOES IT WORK?

To open an existing workbook in Excel click on the tab.

If you have recently worked on the file you want to open, you may also access it from the Recent tab. Click on the Recent tab in the backstage view and select the file you want to open from the Recent Workbooks list.

If you have not opened the file you are looking for for a long time and cannot find it in the Recent Documents list, then click on instead.

This opens the Open dialog box:

Browse to the file you are looking for and highlight it by clicking on it. Then click on  . To save an open and previously saved Excel workbook under a different name, first click on the   tab and then on in the backstage display.

You can browse to a different folder, where you want to save the Excel workbook, in the excel  Save As dialog box that is now open.

Enter a different name for your file in the File name entry field and then click on save. Close the file by first clicking on the tab and then on in the backstage view.


You have now closed the file, but you have not yet exited the Excel 2010 application.


Excel save as function: KEY COMBINATION:


You can also close the current file without exiting Excel 2010 by pressing [Ctrl]+[F4].


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