Excel rows: Inserting rows or columns

You want to insert additional rows or columns between existing rows or columns of your Excel table that have been already filled.

In this learning module “Excel rows” you will learn how to insert rows and columns into an Excel worksheet.

Excel rows: HOW DOES IT WORK?

In Excel, additional rows are inserted above a selected row and columns to the left of a selected column. To insert a single row, select the row above which you want to insert the new row. On the Home tab, in the Cells group, click the button.

To insert an additional column, select the column immediately to the right of where you want to insert the new column. Then click the 

button. Excel will recognize whether you have selected a row or column and add another row or column accordingly.

The same number of excel rows or columns as have been selected will be inserted. For example, to insert 3 new rows at the top of your table, select rows 1-3 and click . Three new excel rows will then be inserted above your selection.

Entering columns follows the same principle. Select one or multiple columns and click the button to insert the corresponding number of columns. New columns will be inserted to the left of the selected rows.

In the same way you can insert individual cells. Select a cell and click . A new cell will then be inserted above your selection. Existing cells will be shifted downwards by one cell.

The button is has an arrow on the right that will open a small menu. If you selected a column or row before, only the Insert Cells command will be active. A click on it will insert a column or row depending on your selection. If did not select a row or column, but only a cell, the Insert Sheet Columns and Insert Sheet Rows will also be active. You can also use them to enter a new column or row.

If you have only marked a cell and click Insert Cells …, the following dialog box will open, enabling you to select whether you want to insert a new row, a new column, or an individual cell. When inserting a new cell, you have the additional choice of shifting existing cells down or to the right.


The [Ctrl] + [+] key combination can also be used to insert excel rows or columns.

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