Excel: Remove filter individually


In an Excel table, you used the AutoFilter function to filter a table using criteria in two different columns. But now you want to remove both filters, so that the entire table is again displayed.

In this learning module you will learn how to remove filter criteria, one by one.


Excel remove filter: HOW DOES IT WORK?

In excel you remove filter criteria from a table individually, you will be making use of the filter arrows in the headings of columns in which filters had been set. When a filter arrow bears the symbol, that indicates unambiguously that filters were set in that column.

In this example, you will be using the filter arrow at the top of the SHIPMENT column. After clicking on it, select the Clear Filter From “SHIPMENT” option.


All data sets that this filter had previously caused to be hidden will now reappear.


In excel you remove a filter from a column, by  activating the (Select All) option in the lower part of the filter criteria menu. Conclude your action by clicking OK.

To remove filters from other columns, proceed in a similar fashion. Continue this until all filters have been removed and all data sets reappear.


You can remove all filters at once by clicking the Sort & Filter button (Home tab, Editing group), and then clicking Clear. While this method resets all filters, the AutoFilter function nevertheless remains activated.


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