Excel print pages:Printing tables on a specific number of pages

Excel print pages: YOUR OBJECTIVE
You want to print all the data in your list on a single page. You can do this by specifying the exact number of pages that the printout should use.
In this learning object “Excel print pages”, you will find out how to do this.

To print your list so that all the data in one table will appear on a single page, you have to limit the extent of the printout to exactly one page. To do this go to the Page Layout tab.
There you will find selection lists for Width and Height in the Scale to Fit group:

In the Width and Height selection areas, you can exactly specify the number of pages that are to be used for the printout. If you specify a Width and a Height of one page, you will have limited the printout to exactly one page. Alternatively, you can increase or decrease the overall size of a table by specifying a scaling factor in percent .

Excel print pages: KEY COMBINATION:

You can also adjust the width of the printout by using the key combination [Ctrl] + [P], which takes you to the Print options on the File tab where you are offered some very convenient scaling options, including Fit Sheet on One Page!

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