Excel print columns: Making rows and columns repeat

Excel print columns: YOUR OBJECTIVE

You want to print out a list of customer orders. Since the list is several pages long, you’d like to maintain a clear overview when you go to print it, by having the column names print on every page. That way, you can see at a glance on every page which data is in each column.

In this learning object “Excel print columns”, you will discover how to set up an Excel document so that row and column names will print on every page.

Excel print columns:HOW DOES IT WORK?

If you want to designate a column to be a repeating column or a row to be a repeating row , so that these elements will be repeated on each page of your printout, activate the Page Layout tab, and then click the Print Titles button in the Page Setup group.

The Page Setup dialog box will then open. On the Sheet tab, you can now establish which rows and columns are to be repeated on every page of the printout.


To establish repeating rows (column titles) or repeating columns, you can also click the Reduce dialog button, which you’ll find at the right side of the dialog box, just beside the input fields called Rows to repeat at top and Columns to repeat at left. Then, using the mouse pointer, select the row or column headings you would like to have repeated on each page of printout. Once you have completed your selection, click the Reduce dialog button again to return to the dialog box.




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