Excel print area: Setting and clearing print areas

Excel print area: YOUR OBJECTIVE

You want to print only a specific part of your table: all customers whose names begin with the letter “A” -and- only columns up to column D, the one with the order dates.

In this learning object “ Excel print area ”, you will discover how to print only a specific area in your Excel table.


In Excel, you can if you like, print a specific part of your table. To do this, first mark the area you would like to print, then go to the Page Layout tab. In the Page Setup group, click Print Area . Finally, click Set Print Area.


The area you established for the printout is now marked by dashed lines. Only the rows inside this print area will be printed.

If you want to add more cells to your selected print area, select the additional cells and again click Print Area in the Page Setup group. Then click Add to Print Area


If you want to clear the selected print area, click Clear Print Area, which is also accessed via the excel Print Area button.


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