Excel: Print a chart

Excel: Print chart -YOUR OBJECTIVE

You want to print charts without printing their underlying data tables.
In this learning module “ Excel:Print chart”, you will be shown how to print Excel charts with or without their underlying data tables.
Excel: Print chart – HOW DOES IT WORK?

To print out a chart, first go to the worksheet with the chart. The chart may have been generated on its own worksheet or as an object on the worksheet with the underlying data table. Excel: to print a chart that is on a separate worksheet, go first to the  tab. There, in the Backstage view, select the  option.


Here you will find a number of options that deal with printing: 

Print Selected Chart: Since the chart is on a worksheet of its own, the Print Selected Chart excel print chart option is already set. This means that only the chart on the active worksheet will be printed. When you use this option, the printed chart will automatically fill the physical page.
Preview: As in any conventional print job, you can check the page preview to see how the printed document will look.
Excel: To print the chart, click the  button. The chart will be printed just as it appears in the preview.
Sometimes, a chart may be generated as an object on the worksheet that contains its underlying data table (as shown below): 

In this case, you can print out the chart together with the table by printing out the entire worksheet in the customary fashion.
But if you want to print out just the chart, without the data table, you must first activate the chart before starting to print: 

If you do select the chart, when you go to check the preview area in the Backstage view before printing it, you will see just the chart displayed there: 

Now you can start the print job in the usual fashion. Only the chart will be printed.

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