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Excel percent:YOUR OBJECTIVE

Although you used a formula to calculate some percentages, the results are not displayed as percentages but rather as decimal numbers.

To display the results of your calculations as percentages, you have to format the relevant cells using the percentage format.

This learning module “Excel percent” shows you how to do this.

Excel percent: HOW DOES IT WORK?

If you enter a number followed by the percent sign (%), Excel recognizes that you’ve entered a percentage value and formats the cell accordingly. However, if you use a formula to calculate a percentage but have not formatted the target cell in the percentage style, the result of the calculation will appear as a decimal number.

In the following example, the difference between two sales numbers was calculated in such a way that the result should be displayed as an excel percent. But because the result cell was not formatted in the percentage style but rather in the General number format, the result is displayed as a decimal number.

To display the number as a percentage, select that cell and then click the button in the Number group on the Home tab.

Alternatively, click the dialog box launcher  in the Number group, on the Home tab. Then, in the Format Cells dialog box, select the Percentage category.

The Sample area shows you how the content of the selected cell will appear. If you select a cell range, the example shown is the content of the first selected cell.

Use the Decimal Places input box to specify the number of decimal places to display after the decimal point.


If you enter a decimal number and then apply the percentage style to the cell, the number will appear to have been multiplied by 100. This means that the number 1 appears as 100%, 0.5 will show as 50% and so forth.

Excel percent: KEY COMBINATION:

You can also apply the percentage style to a cell or a range of cells by pressing [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[


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