Excel open: Starting and exiting Excel 2010


The new spreadsheet program Excel 2010 has been installed on your computer. To work with this software, you need to start it. In this learning module “Excel open ”, you will learn how to open and close Excel 2010.

Excel open and exit:HOW DOES IT WORK?

To openExcel 2010, click on the Start button on the task bar.


The Start Menu is now displayed. If you have started Excel before, you can click on the entry in the Start Menu. If there is no entry for Excel, click on All Programs.


Then click on the Microsoft Office folder.


Select Microsoft Office Excel 2010.


Excel will now open.


To close Excel first click on the tab. The backstage display now opens


Click on the  command. Excel will now close.


You can also close Excel 2010 by clicking on the Close button in the upper right-hand corner of the title bar.


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