Excel: Merge and center cells


In your Excel table, you added a major heading that applies equally to several columns of data. You want this heading to be centered over those columns. To accomplish this, you want to merge several cells into one and center the title within it.

In this learning module “ Excel merge and center”, you will discover how to merge multiple cells into one and how to center the contents within it .

Excel merge and center:HOW DOES IT WORK?

To merge several cells into one and center the contents (a heading, for example) within it, first select the cells you want to merge:

Then – on the Home tab, in the Alignment group – click the excel Merge and Center button.

The selected cells will be merged into a single broad cell with the content centered within it:

When you click the small black arrow on the excel Merge and Center button, a list containing additional merge commands will appear:

Excel Merge and Center: All cells in the selected range will be merged horizontally and vertically. Text will be centered horizontally.

If data (text or numbers) were entered in more than one cell of the selected range, only the contents of the upper-leftmost cell will be retained. But before this happens, you will be given a warning.

With the excel Merge Across command, cells in the selected range are horizontally merged, row by row.

The excel Merge Cells option merges all cells in the selected range, horizontally and vertically, into a single cell.

Unmerge Cells: Cells in the selected range are unmerged.

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