Excel indent: Indenting cell contents

Excel indent: YOUR OBJECTIVE
Some text in your table is aligned to the left, immediately next to their cells’ left borders. But for clarity’s sake you want to create some space between the first letters of the content and the cells’ borders.
In this learning module “Excel indent”, you will find out how to indent the contents of a cell.


Begin by selecting the cell range you want to edit:

On the Home tab, in the Alignment group, you will find the Increase Indent button. You can use this button to create a margin between the border and the cell’s contents:

Each time you click it, the indentation of the selected cells’ contents will increase by the width of one character.

The Decrease Indent  button, just next to it, decreases the current indent level:

This same functionality, but with a finer degree of control, is also available in the Format Cells dialog box. To open this dialog box, click the dialog box launcher on the Home tab, in the Alignment group:

On the Alignment tab, in the Format Cells dialog box, you can adjust the degree of the indent, just as you like:


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