Excel font: Changing font, font style, font size


To present your data in Excel more effectively, you can, among other things, change the character of the type fonts you use.

In this learning module “Excel font”, you will discover how to change fonts, font style, and font size in your Excel table.

Excel font: HOW DOES IT WORK?

You’ve already laid out your table and entered some data. Now you want to visually differentiate certain areas in the table from others. To change excel font and excel font size, you first have to select the relevant cells.


To apply a format to every cell at once, click the Select All button at the top-left corner of the table.

All formatting you undertake will now be applied to all cells in the active worksheet.


You can also select all cells in a worksheet by using the [Ctrl]+[A] key combination.

On the Home tab, in the Font group, click the small black arrow next to the font name to make the Font selection list appear.

The excel font box names the font currently selected for active cell(s), e.g., Calibri. When you open the selection list, however, all installed fonts are displayed:

As you move your mouse over the fonts in the list, live preview alters the selected text in your table to show the effect each such font would have.

Now choose an excel font you like by clicking on its name. The selected text will then be formatted using that font.


Less is more! Only in exceptional cases is it advisable to use more than a single font in one worksheet.

You can change the font size in a similar fashion. First select the relevant cell(s).

Then – on the Home tab in the Font group – open the Font size selection list. If you choose a taller font size, row height will automatically be adjusted to suit it.

To change the style of font being used to bold, italic or underlined, simply click the corresponding buttons  in the excel Font group.


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