Excel filter column: Filtering a column using two criteria (OR operator)

Excel filter column: YOUR OBJECTIVE

You recorded your customers’ orders in an Excel worksheet. Now you want to display all data rows with orders from customers whose names begin with A or B. To do this, you must use two filter criteria that are linked by the OR operator. That is, one or the other of the two selection criteria must be met in order to display their respective data rows in the filtered table.

In this learning module “Excel filter column”, you will be shown how to use Excel’s AutoFilter to display rows of data when either of two filter criteria in a certain column are met.

Excel filter column; HOW DOES IT WORK?

To use the OR operator to associate two filter criteria in the same column, you must first activate the AutoFilter. To do so, click the  button in the Sort & Filter group, on the Data tab.

Activate the filter arrow in the Customer column. Then select Text Filters and click Custom Filter….

Excel filter column: HINT

Depending on the nature of a column’s contents, the entries in the selection list may vary and show, for example, Text Filters, Date Filters or Numeric Filters.

In the Custom AutoFilter dialog box, select the begins with comparison operator and enter A into the input box at the right. Then use the second line in the dialog box to enter the second criterion.

Don’t forget to activate the operator. Then finish up by clicking  . In the displayed table, the only data rows that now appear are those for which the either the first or the second criterion are true.

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