Excel enter: Entering data


You want to prepare an overview that presents the sales figues for different product groups. To do this, you need to enter information into different cells of the Excel table. There are several options for moving from one cell to the next in Excel.

In this learning module “Excel enter” you will learn how to enter data in Excel and how to move from one cell to the next.

 Excel enter: HOW DOES IT WORK?

When you are preparing a new workbook or table in Excel, A1 is always the active cell. The active cell refers to the cell which is highlighted by a bold border. You can also see which cell is active in the name field below the Ribbon.

You have two options for entering your data:

Place the cursor in the cell, A1 for instance, and enter the data directly here.

Use the formula bar to enter the data. Be careful that the correct cell is activated. You can check this in the name field.

There are many options for completing the entry and moving to the next cell:

  • Press [Enter] to move to the cell below the current cell.

  • Use the [Tab] key to move to the cell to the right of the one just processed.

  • Use the arrow keys , , or  , to complete your entry. The active cell will be moved in the direction of the arrow.
  • Place the cursor in the next cell.

Once the new selected cell is indicated with a frame as the active cell, you can continue entering your data.


Do not get annoyed if your entries do not currently fit inside the cells. You can widen columns in Excel to improve readability. You will learn how to do this in the Customize row height and column width learning module.

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