Excel duplicate function: Filter results output in a different range

Excel duplicate function: YOUR OBJECTIVE

You want to filter for all orders from the customer “Brack’s Windshields”, plus all orders prior to 2009 from a customer orders table. You want to save the filter results so that you can review them any time later. The Excel 2010 advanced filter allows you to save the filter results in a cell range outside the original table.

This learning module “Excel duplicate function” will show you how to do this in Excel 2010.


Excel duplicate function: HOW DOES IT WORK?

The advanced filter can be used after you have created a criteria table outside the table you want to filter.


Apply the advanced filter now by clicking thebutton in the Sort & Filter group on the Data tab.


In the Advanced Filter dialog box click the option and fill in the List range:, Criteria range: and Copy to: fields.


Define the range to be filtered here. Excel usually recognizes the range automatically. It requires, however, that the active cell is in the range of the original table when applying the advanced filter. If not, click in the range to be filtered.

The Criteria range: must be selected manually and refers to the criteria table you have created.

This field only becomes active when you have selected the Copy to another location option above. Define the cell range to which you want to copy the resulting table with the Copy to: function.

Select this option to hide any duplicates.


If you want to insert the resulting table on a different worksheet, first select the worksheet that will receive the resulting table. Then click the command to launch the advanced filter.

Confirm your settings by clicking to display the filter results as a copy in a separate cell range and to save it together with the original table.



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