Excel delete data

Excel delete data:YOUR OBJECTIVE

You have determined that the value in one of your cells is wrong. At present you are unable to determine the correct value. To prevent your evaluation being performed with the wrong values, you now want to delete the incorrect value.

In this learning module “ Excel delete data” you will learn how to delete cell content without entering new data.


Excel delete data:HOW DOES IT WORK?

You basically delete the content of a cell using the [Del] key. By pressing this key you delete the content of the active cell.



Many Excel users have grown accustomed to using the space bar to “delete” cell contents. Since a new entry will replace the old content, the cell will now only appear empty – no blank space is displayed. But a blank space could also indicate that the cell is not really empty. This could lead to incorrect results in future evaluations. And because the blank space is not displayed, it could be extremely difficult to track down such an error. Therefore, always avoid using the space bar to “delete” cells.


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