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Excel date and time functions:YOUR OBJECTIVE

Excel provides you with several functions for working with dates and times. Some functions, for example, enable you to extract the year, month, or day from a particular date and to enter it into a spreadsheet. Other functions extract the hours or minutes from a particular time of day so that you can enter it in your spreadsheet. In this learning module “Excel: Date and  time functions”, you will find out how to work with excel date and time functions.


Excel date and time functions:HOW DOES IT WORK?

Excel has several functions that enable you to develop and use certain information in connection with a particular date or time of day. The following table lists the most commonly used of these functions.

Function Effect
=TODAY() acquires today’s date (computer system date)
=YEAR(Datum) extracts the year of a given date
=MONTH(Datum) extracts the month of a given date
=DAY(Datum) extracts the day of a given date
=HOUR(Uhrzeit) extracts the hour of a given time of day
=MINUTE(Uhrzeit) extracts the minutes of a given time of day


As seen in the next illustration: on the left, a date was entered in a cell (next to Date:). In the cell beneath that (next to Year:), you can see how the YEAR function is being used to extract just the year from the date. On the right, you see the end-result.


To use one of these functions, click the cell which is to contain the result and enter an equal sign “=”. Type in the name of the function (YEAR, MONTH,…), and then, leaving no space, type a left parenthesis “(“. Now you can either type in the cell address(e.g., B5) or select it with your mouse. As soon as you release the mouse button, the selected cell is transferred into the function. Now end the function with a right parenthesis “)”. If you press [Enter] now, the function becomes effective and the result is displayed in the cell.


The TODAY function does not require an argument, but it does require the parentheses. All you must do is enter “=TODAY()” without entering a cell reference. As soon as you press [Enter], today’s date will be displayed in the cell.


Instead of typing the name of the function, you can search for it with the help of the Functions assistant. You will learn how to work with the excel date and time functions by using  Functions assistant in the learning module: The functions assistant.


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