Excel data: Correcting data


You have been advised that the label for the product group Cell Phone should no longer be used. In its place you should use the term Telecommunication. Therefore you now need to correct the content of the relevant cell.

In this learning module “Excel data: Correcting data” you will learn how to correct cell content.


If you want to correct the content of a cell, you first need to activate the relevant cell by placing the cursor in this cell.

There are several options for correcting the content of a cell:

If you only need to make a minor change to the content, you should use the formula bar. You will find this bar below the ribbon. The content of the selected cell, in this instance A4, is displayed here.

In the formula bar you can delete characters, add characters to an existing text or type new content. Position the cursor in the relevant place in the text in the formula bar.

If you want to change Cell Phone to Cell Phones, you can simply click after Cell Phone in the formula bar and add an extra “s”. Press [Enter] to apply your changes.

The second option is to press [F2] after selecting the cell. This will put the cell in edit mode.
Double-clicking in the cell will have the same effect.

You recognize that a cell is in edit mode when the cursor is displayed inside the cell. The editing options are the same as those in the formula bar.

If you want to replace a whole word, it is enough to activate the relevant cell and then type in the new content. The previous content will then be overwritten .

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