Excel: Create chart layout and style templates


You recorded your company’s sales for 2010 in an Excel table and then displayed them graphically in a chart. To make your chart more expressive, you now want to use Excel’s new layout and style templates to modify the chart’s appearance.

In this learning module “Excel: Create chart  layouts”,  , you will be shown how to use the new chart layout and style templates.

Excel: Create chart layout and style templates : HOW DOES IT WORK?

In Excel you can use layout and style templates to effectively alter a chart’s overall appearance.

To display the chart layout and style templates, first select the chart by clicking on it once. In the Ribbon, the Chart Tools context tab with its subordinated Design, Layout and Format tabs will appear. Now go to the Design tab. There, in the Chart Layouts group, you can choose one of the displayed layouts, but if you want to see all available layouts, click the More button at the right of the group:

The entire chart-layouts selection catalog will then appear:

If you see a layout that appeals to you, you can apply it to the currently selected chart by clicking its icon once. The chart will be redrawn in accord with the template. In the current example, we chose Layout 5:

Chart Title: In this placeholder, you can enter a title for the chart.

Axis Title: Label the vertical axis by entering your text into this placeholder.

Data table: In this particular layout (Layout 5), Excel appends a data table to the chart .

To edit a placeholder, first select it and then type your text. In the example, we’ve clicked the Chart Title placeholder:

After typing your text, finish by pressing [Enter]. Your own chart title will appear in the placeholder:

If you don’t need a particular item, select it and then remove it by pressing [Del] or [Delete]. In our example, we deleted the placeholder for the Axis Title in this fashion:

To select another style for your chart, click one of the icons in the Chart Styles group or click the More button at the right of the group.

A catalog of all available chart styles will then open:

When you hover your mouse over a templates, you will see a live preview of what the chart would look like if that template were applied. If a template suits you, click on it. The chart will be modified accordingly:

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