Excel copy: Copying and moving with drag-and-drop


You are not happy with the arrangement of data on your worksheet. You want to move the bottom block of data closer to the top.

In this learning module “Excel copy”you will learn how to move and copy cell content using the mouse.

Excel copy: HOW DOES IT WORK?

You can move individual cells or cell blocks using the mouse as long as the existing and the new position appear on the same screen.

To move the data, you first need to select the cells to be moved. Place the cursor at the edge of the selection. It will now change into a four-headed arrow .

Press and hold down the left mouse button. You can now move the selected cells to the new position using the mouse. Let go of the mouse when the cells are in the position of your choice. Moving items using the mouse is called drag-and-drop.


If you press [Ctrl] while you do this, the data will be copied rather than moved.


Moving data to a position that is not currently displayed on the screen is possible, but not advisable, as screen content moves so fast that a precise placing is very difficult. If this is the case, it is better to use the clipboard to move the data.

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