Excel column width:Adapting row height and column width

Excel column width:YOUR OBJECTIVE

The preset column width may not be sufficient for some content. Therefore you want to alter the column width so that all content will fit in.

Row height can also be adapted to optimally fit in cell content.

In this learning module “ excel column width” you will learn how to adapt column width and row height.


If the content of a cell requires more space than the width of the cell allows for, cell content will overlap into the neighboring cell(s) if they are empty:

If the neighboring cell is filled, excess content will be cut off:

To display the entire cell content, you can alter the column width. To do this, move your mouse pointer to the right border of the Column Header of the column you want to change. The mouse pointer will change to a double arrow:  .

You can drag the column to the desired width by moving your mouse to the left or right with your left mouse button pressed.

The same method can be used to change the row height with your mouse. Move your mouse pointer between two rows in the row header. Now you can change the row height by dragging your mouse.


Double-clicking the right border of the column in the column header will cause Excel to automatically adjust the column width to fit the biggest entry of the column.


If you want to change several columns or rows at once, select them all. If you now change the width or height of a column/row, this will apply to the entire selected range.

You can also enter an exact value for row height or column width. First select the columns or rows. Then click thebutton in the Cells group on the Home tab.

Then select orto adjust the excel column width or row height.

You will go to the excel Column Width or Row Height dialog boxes where you can enter the exact width/height.


After clicking the entered value will be applied.


You can also click in the submenu to autofit the column width to the biggest column entry.

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