Excel color: Filtering by cell or font color


You have an Excel table in which you recorded your customers’ orders. From time to time, you formatted important orders with a red background color. Now you want to filter the table by color.

This learning module “ excel color”shows you how to filter an Excel table by cell background color or font color.



Before filtering by background color or font color, you must first activate Excel’s AutoFilter. To do this, click thebutton in the Sort & Filter group, on the Data tab.


Then click the filter arrow in the Customer column, select the command Filter by Color and click the desired background color in the submenu. If more that one font color was used, they will also appear in the submenu.



Excelcolor only activates the Filter for Color options if more than one background or font color was used in the column where you are applying the filter.

The list is now filtered:


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