Excel clear filters: Clearing all filters in a single step & disabling the AutoFilter

Excel clear filters: YOUR OBJECTIVE

You filtered an Excel worksheet using filters in two columns. Now you want to clear both filters in a single step.

In this learning module “excel clear filters”, you will be shown how to clear multiple filters in one step and also how to disable the AutoFilter.

Excel clear filters: HOW DOES IT WORK?

To remove one or more filters in a single step, click the button (Data tab, Sort & Filter group). Although your table will again display in its unfiltered form, the filter arrows will be retained. In a second step, you can, if you like, disable the AutoFilter function entirely by clicking the Filter button (Data tab, Sort & Filter group).

If you are sure that you won’t apply any more filters to your data and therefore no longer need the filter arrows, instead of clearing the filter criteria first, you can disable the AutoFilter right away. In a filtered table, simply click the Filter button (Data tab, Sort & Filter group). The table will return to its original form, unfiltered and without filter arrows.

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