Excel chart label: Adding, removing, positioning chart labels

Excel chart label:YOUR OBJECTIVE

You created a column chart that depicts your company’s 2010 revenues. Now you want to display the data table with the chart, hide the legend, and label the vertical axis.


In this learning module, you will be shown how to add, remove or position an Excel chart’s several labeling elements.


Excel chart label: HOW DOES IT WORK?

When you format your chart using a Chart layout template, labeling elements may already be included in the chart. You may find it necessary, however, to manually modify – add, remove or reposition – certain of these elements.

To access the editing options for labeling elements, activate the chart by clicking anywhere on it. In the Ribbon, the Chart Tools context tab along with it subordinated Design, Layout and Format tabs will appear. Having done that, go to the Layout tab where, in the excel chart Labels group, you will find all commands for modifying the chart’s titles, labels, legends, etc.

Using the Chart Title button you can add, remove, or position a chart title. When positioning it, you can choose between Centered Overlay Title and Above Chart. With the Centered Overlay Title option, the title is positioned at the top of the chart area while the chart retains its original size. The Above Chart option centers the chart title above the chart; if you choose this option, Excel may resize the chart.


Use the Axis Titles button to add, remove or position the horizontal or vertical axis titles.


Legend: Use this button to add, remove or position the chart’s legend.

Data Labels: Here you can add, remove or position data labels. For example, in a column chart, you might want to display numeric values directly above their respective columns.

Data table: Click here to show or hide the associated data table.

Now, in the current example, you want to display the associated data table just below the chart. To do so, click the Data Table button in the Labels group:


The following selection catalog will appear:


None: If a data table had already been displayed, you can use this option to hide it. Because this option is currently activated (see illustration), it is highlighted in orange.

Show Data Table: Select this option if you want to display the data table below the chart without legend keys.

Show Data Table with Legend Keys: This option causes the legend keys to be displayed along with the data table.

For the current example, the option Show Data Table with Legend Keys is chosen:


As a result, the data table appears with legend keys below the chart:


Since, as in the current example, you don’t need to show the legend separately, you can switch it off. To do so, click thebutton in the Labels group:


The relevant selection catalog will appear:


To switch off the legend, select the None option:



In the current chart, the legend is now switched off:


Excel chart label: HINT

You can remove any chart labeling element you do not need by selecting it and then pressing [Del] or [Delete].

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