Excel Change: Changing the cell range, swapping rows for columns


A few weeks ago, you recorded your company’s sales figures for the first three quarters of 2010 in an Excel table and then displayed them graphically in a chart. Now you’ve added the fourth-quarter sales to the table. You would therefore like to change the cell range for the chart so that it includes the fourth quarter, as well.

In this learning module “excel change” you will be shown how to change the cell range for a chart and also how to swap (switch) rows for columns.

Excel change: HOW DOES IT WORK?

For editing charts, “Excel change” provides the Chart Tools context tab with its three subordinated tabs: Design, Layout and Format. Whenever you select a chart by clicking on it, Excel will display theChart Tools context tabs on the Ribbon.

To modify the cell range that specifies the chart’s underlying data, go first to the Design tab (under Chart Tools). There, in the Data group, click the Select Data button.


The Select Data Source dialog box will appear:

The Chart data range input box identifies the currently selected range of data cells.

Add: You can add a column to the cell range. Use this command if the data is in non-adjacent ranges.

Edit: Use this command to modify the references for the column headers.

Remove: Deletes a selected data range.

If there are empty cells in the data table, you can use the Hidden and Empty Cells button to specify whether corresponding chart positions should appear as gaps or as zero values.

Edit: Use this button to modify the references for the row headers.

Use the Switch Row/Column command to swap how table data is used in the chart. Click once, to use row data as column data was used. Click again to reverse. With the help of this command, you can sometimes make the data you are presenting graphically easier to understand.

In our example: To change the data range for the chart, first make sure that the entire entry in the Chart Data range: is selected. Then move your mouse pointer to the data table and select the new cell range, this time including the fourth quarter. When you release the mouse button, the new cell range will be transferred to the Chart data range: input box in the Select Data Source dialog box.

If you now close the dialog box by clicking OK, Excel will redraw the chart, this time including the fourth quarter:

To swap how data rows and columns are used in a chart, select the chart and then click the button in the Data group:

As you can see in the following illustration, using the Switch Row/Column button simply exchanges how row data and column data are used in the chart:



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