Excel average: The MAX, MIN and AVERAGE functions


To analyze the performance of several of your company’s customers, you decided it would be useful to calculate the maximum, minimum and average revenue they provided in several categories. Excel average  function can do this quickly and easily using the MAX, MIN and AVERAGE functions.

In this learning module you will be shown how to use the MAX, MIN and AVERAGE functions.




The MAX function determines the highest value in a range of cells; the MIN function determines the lowest value in a range of cells; and the excel AVERAGE function determines the average value in a range of cells. These three functions are used in a fashion just like the SUM function.

To begin, click in the cell in which you want the result of the calculation to appear. Then click the small arrow on the button (Home tab, Editing group).


In the selection list that appears, choose either the underbarAverage, Maunderbarx or Miunderbarn option.


Excel then suggests which range of cells to use as the function’s argument. If the suggestion is correct, just press [Enter] to accept it. If the suggested cell range does not correspond to the range of cells whose values you want to compare (as in the current example), use the mouse to select the cell range you want and then press [Enter].


CAUTION by using excel averge

Because Excel interprets an empty cells as containing a zero, make sure you select only cells that contain relevant values. Otherwise, the function will deliver an incorrect result.

Excel average: HINT (1)

Of course, you can also type the function into the cell manually. To do so, type an equal sign (=) and then, with no intervening space, type the function’s name. Next (still without a space) type the opening left parenthesis. Now you can either type in the cell range manually (e.g., B4:B9) or select it with your mouse. If you use your mouse, the cell range will appear in the function when you release the mouse button. Finish up by typing in the closing right parenthesis and pressing [Enter]. The function will be processed immediately, i.e., the result of its calculation will appear in the cell.


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