Excel autofilter: Filtering using one criterion


You activated the excel AutoFilter function for a table and now want to filter the data using one specific criterion.

In this learning module, you will find out how to use the excel AutoFilter function to filter your table by applying a single criterion to the data in a column.


When excel AutoFilter has been activated, a filter arrow (also called filter button or arrow button) appears in each column header. Click the arrow in the header of the column in which you wish to apply a filter.

In the upper part of the open filter criteria menu , you are given a choice of sorting and filtering options; in the lower part of the menu, you are presented a list that includes all unique entries in the column.

To display all data sets that refer to a specific customer, for example, first click the arrow button at the head of the Customer column. Then, in the filter criteria menu, deactivate the (Select All) option. Now click the name of the relevant customer – Banner Car Parts, for example. Conclude by clicking OK.

Now only data sets that contain the selected customer’s name are displayed in the Customer column:

Excel AutoFilter: HINT

When a filter has been applied, the symbol on the relevant filter arrow will change to: . Seeing this symbol, tells you that a filter has been applied in this column.


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