End apps that are not in use on Windows 8

Apps differ from programs, among other things, as they are closed. We will explain how you close apps in Windows 8 , or alternatively can minimize apps in the background.

Close Apps in Windows 8

If you are doing so within the application, use the following steps to close it.

  • Shortcut: Press “Alt + F4″ to close the app.
  • Move: Hold down the mouse button and drag the top of the app window to the bottom of the screen. The app will exit.
  • App List: Mouse over the top left corner, it opens a list of all running apps. Right click the app and select 1 ‘Close’ to terminate the corresponding app. This also works if they are located on the Start Screen.

Minimize apps without closing them

If you briefly want to use a different application but still need another that you are working on, simply minimize it without having to shut down the full program.

  • Mouse over the bottom left corner while in the application
  • Click the Windows icon.
  • You are now back on the Start Screen.

This way you can have multiple apps running in the background. The described above app list displays all currently running apps, so you always have the necessary overview. You can also fully close any app when needed.

apps are easier to handle than it seems

It is very easy to close apps in Windows 8, as it is similar to previous functions used on earlier operating versions with programs. Once you get comfortable with using the Windows apps, you will quickly discover the possibilities and ease of use. DarWin8 is one of those useful applications, and helps you transition to Windows 8 easily. Find it in the Windows Store and try the free trial now.

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