Burn a CD in Windows 8 without hassle

While USB and external drives are increasingly taking the place of traditional data storage like CDs and DVDs, the burning option is still available on Windows 8 with similar running options as previous operating versions of Windows.

How to Burn a CD in Windows 8

  • Make sure the CD drive is connected and insert a blank CD.
  • Open the Windows Explorer.
  • Select a place where your files are stored.
  • Click the 1 “Share” tab.
  • Select the files to be burned.
  • Choose “Send” on the Explorer menu and Click 2 “Burn to Disc”.
  • This opens a dialog box 3 “Burn to Disc”.
  • Select need option in dialog box.
  • Now burn the CD.

Why burn data to CD?

Nowadays, a CD is mainly used to store data permanently also CDs are less susceptible to damage than hard drives. Most of the time a USB is more suitable for data saving because the data itself can be added, removed and the UBS normally holds more storage capabilities. Keep in mind that with a CD adding and removing data is not possible, once the information is burned it is permanent. We recommend that you plan ahead and have a specific purpose for the CD.

Switch to a USB drive

CDs today still mainly used for required software with a purchased computer. In our everyday work and privately, switching to USB sticks makes file storing more flexible, easier and faster to do. How about the practical   DarWin8  app to help your transition to Windows 8? Start with a free trial today!

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